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Loud Speaker Audio With Amplifier


Loud Speaker Amplifier is a powerful and useful Instrument for Professors & teachers of Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions for teaching in indoors & outdoors. The cordless microphone provided with the instrument can give a minimum range of hundred and fifty square meters of clear voice through built in speaker or external speakers also can be connected to the output terminals provided on the front panel to achieve the maximum audio.

It have an additional facility for amplify an external data/ or audio.





Channel                        :           Mono (option for Dual / more)

Audio Output Power       :           10Watts. (Option for higher outputs)

External Audio input       :           Yes                 

External Microphone      :           Cordless / Corded with 3meters cable

Frequency Response     :           >200KHz

Transmission                :           Frequency modulation

Microphone Power        :           AAA Cell

Transmitter Power        :           AAA Cell

Base Unit power           :           Mains operated

Mains                          :           230VACą10% 50Hz

Power Consumption      :           25VA



Item Code: LSA-10W
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