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Volt / Amp. Demonstration Meter Digital


 Digital Demonstration Meter

DDM is a very useful sophisticated portable & rechargeable Giant Display unit for Demonstration of Voltage, Current, for more than hundred students at a time in a laboratory, class room & out-door.


Display Rotation             : Full rotation of 330°
Display                           : 3˝ Digit LED
Display size                    : 4”, (Option for other sizes)
Colour                            : Red, Green & White
Displays                         : DC Volt, & DC Current
Working                          : Mains / Re-ChargeableBattery
Mains                             : 230V±10% 50Hz

Something about Electronics :

Electricity :- Flow of electrons is called Electricity

Conductor :- All substance which allow electrons to flow is called Conductor Eg. All Ferrous (Metal contains IRON),  Bio-Metals & Alloy (Combination of more than one metal), Non-Ferrous(Metal which does not contain IRON, such as Gold, Brass, Copper, & Aluminium Etc).  are Good conductors

Resistor / Insulator :- All material which restrict or disallow the flow of electrons are called resistors/ Insulators
Eg. Wood(Dry), Paper and Plastics etc.

Some of the important Equations related to Volt, Current, resistance & Power

E =VOLTS ~or~ (V = VOLTS)                P =WATTS ~or~ (W = WATTS)     R = OHMS ~or~ (R = RESISTANCE)
kW = KILOWATTS                             kWh = KILOWATT HOUR           VA = VOLT-AMPERES
kVA = KILOVOLT-AMPERES                C = CAPACITANCE                EFF = EFFICIENCY
(expressed as a decimal)

AMPS=WATTS÷VOLTS                          WATTS=VOLTS x AMPS                VOLTS=WATTS ÷ AMPS
HORSEPOWER=(V x A x EFF)÷746         EFFICIENCY=(746 x HP)÷(V x A)

 I = P ÷ E                P = E x I              E = P ÷ I
A = W ÷ V              W = V x A            V = W ÷ A


The following Chart is a self explanatory for Ohm’s law.
Only you have to do is to put the corresponding values to the place of
alphabets related to VOLT, CURRENT, RESISTANCE & POWER

Item Code: DML-19
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